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Allelic Dosage-corrected Allele-Specific human Transcription factor binding sites
Transcription factors:  674   Cell types:  337   Unique SNPs with ASB: 269934
Landscape of allele-specific transcription factor binding in the human genome. doi: 10.1038/s41467-021-23007-0
News & updates
  • 2022.07.16 Added a new downloadable fileset of ASBs aggregated for individual "cell type + transcription factor" pairs, see Downloads.
  • 2022.07.07 Release Bill Cipher patch 5.1 is out. Fixed a rare scoring issue of events with very high read coverage.
  • 2022.05.27 New release Bill Cipher is now online! It utilizes an updated BAD maps construction strategy that provides solid recall of diploid regions while allowing for intermediate BAD states.
  • 2022.05.27 Release Susan and Zanthar are no longer browsable online. The data remain available for download.
  • 2022.04.21 ANANASTRA paper has been published in Nucleic Acids Research!
  • 2021.10.18 The ADASTRA team won Variant Calling Merck Research Challenge 2021!
  • 2021.09.01 New release with permissive BAD calling and 2x increased sensitivity, meet Zanthar 4.0.
  • 2021.05.12 ADASTRA paper (describing release Soos) is finally published in Nature Communications!
  • 2021.04.11 Revamped release 3.5 with bugfixes and better ASB scoring, see release notes.
  • 2021.03.21 ADASTRA release 3.0 online. Now we support search by eQTL targets and user-defined FDR thresholds.
  • 2020.12.13 A new 'sister' service to annotate SNP sets is now online: check ANANASTRA!
  • 2020.11.18 The website was inaccessible for several days due to hardware failure of the internet provider. All data is back online now. We apologize for inconvenience.
  • 2020.10.08 ADASTRA preprint submitted to bioRxiv.